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Item no.: VD 1190

Double display cabinet cooler in painted aluminium

With a display area of 1.47 square metres
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This spacious display cabinet cooler comes with four removable shelves and offers plenty of cooling space. The cabinet cooler offers optimal exposure of your product range, thanks to its large glass sections and narrow frames.

The display cooler comes with ventilated cooling and an analogue thermostat.


  • 0 to 10 degrees
  • Four shelves
  • Painted aluminium
  • LED lighting
  • Hinged doors

With space for a large quantity of drinks

Do you sell a large quantity of fizzy drinks, spring water and energy drinks? Then it is to your advantage to invest in a spacious display cabinet cooler like this one. That way, you will have plenty of space so you do not have to keep restocking your cabinet cooler – and so you always have cold drinks for your customers.

The VD 1190 has a large display area, and four wire shelves as well as a bottom shelf. The display cooler comes with hinged doors.

Tempt your customers with a display cabinet cooler

One of the most important tasks of your display cooler is to tempt your customers to shop. When they are exposed to your selection of cold drinks, for example, they are more likely to feel thirsty or hungry than if the drinks are tucked away in a corner. If you would like to boost your impulse sales, display cabinet coolers could be the way to go.

LED lighting has been built into the large display cabinet cooler to highlight your product range effectively.

If you are looking for a smaller display cabinet cooler, you can take a look at the VD 372.

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