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Item no.: VD 900

Display cabinet cooler with self-closing sliding glass doors

Integrated back-lit header and interior LED lighting
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This spacious display cabinet cooler comes with four adjustable wire shelves and offers plenty of space for cold drinks, for example.

The VD 900 has self-closing, double sliding glass doors and an attractive black frame.


  • 0 to 10 degrees
  • removable wire shelves
  • LED lighting and a back-lit header
  • ventilated cooling
  • fitted wheels

Boost your impulse sales with an attractive display cooler

If you would like to boost your impulse sales, it is almost impossible to avoid display coolers. Display coolers help to ensure that your products are presented in a way that encourages more customers to buy them.

Make sure the items in your cabinet cooler look good and strategically place your cabinet cooler in a clever way so that many people will have to deal with it. You can boost your bottom line by doing so.

The VD 900 comes with built-in LED lighting for highlighting your product range.

The wheels make it easy to move your cabinet cooler around

This display cabinet cooler comes with wheels, which can be an advantage for several reasons.

Because a display cabinet cooler is great for impulse sales, it makes sense to experiment with the placement of your cooler. That way, you will know where you will get the most out of having your display cabinet cooler. In addition, it can often make sense to move the display cabinet cooler at seasonal changes or in connection with special events in the neighbourhood that call for specific products.

In practical terms, of course, the wheels also make it easier to clean under and around your cabinet cooler.

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