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Item no.: MV 255 HTP A

Large floor-standing soft serve ice cream machine with air cooling

Production capacity: 58 kg or 600 waffles per hour
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MV 255 HTP-A is a larger soft ice cream machine with three taps. It allows you to produce up to 50 kg of soft ice cream per hour in two different flavors. The machine ensures that you can keep up even on the hottest summer days.

This floor-standing soft ice cream machine has a pump system and is air-cooled. However, it is also available in a water-cooled version.


  • HTP pasteurization system
  • 4D Remote Control System
  • Three taps
  • 58 kg/665 wafers per hour
  • Air-cooled.

Built-in HTP Pasteurization System

When working with food, including soft ice cream, hygiene must be top-notch. The floor-standing soft ice cream machine on this page helps you ensure just that with its built-in pasteurization system.

The HTP pasteurization system heats the soft ice cream mixture and all parts that come into contact with it to 65 degrees Celsius. The temperature of 65 degrees is maintained for half an hour to eliminate bacteria, after which it is quickly lowered to four degrees.

This pasteurization process helps extend the shelf life of the ice cream, reducing waste in your business. It also minimizes the risk of bacterial formation.

Always in Control with MV 255 HTP-A

This large soft ice cream machine comes with the smart 4D Remote Control System. It allows you to access the machine remotely, for example, through a computer or tablet, ensuring that everything is running smoothly.

If there are any issues with MV 255 HTP-A, technicians can also access it remotely and get it back up and running quickly.

The system effectively minimizes your downtime and, therefore, any potential loss of profit due to errors and operational stops.

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