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Item no.: BV 261 HTP-W

Water-cooled triple-tap floor-standing soft serve ice cream machine

The best-selling soft ice machine in Europe
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Are you looking for a professional floor-standing soft serve ice cream machine? Then the BV 261 HTP-W would be a great choice. The machine has three taps and allows you to serve soft serve ice cream with two different flavours as well as a mix. 

This floor-standing soft serve ice cream machine can produce up to 36 kg or 480 waffles per hour. It is water-cooled, but is also available in an air-cooled model. 


  • HTP pasteurisation system
  • intuitive control panel
  • 4D Remote Control System
  • pumping system
  • water cooling

Keep an eye on your soft serve ice cream machine while you are away

With the BV 261 HTP-W, you can always make sure your machine is running smoothly. The floor-standing soft serve ice cream machine has the 4D Remote Control System, which means you can check up on it remotely. Monitor the machine on a tablet or smartphone, for example, to make sure that everything is okay. 

Should any problems arise with your soft serve ice cream machine, you will know about it on the fly. This allows you to call for assistance at the very soonest, minimising your downtime and any loss in profits. 

When you are standing near the machine, you can monitor everything via the intuitive control panel. It makes it easy for everyone to maintain, clean and operate the machine. 

With an HTP pasteurisation system

Hygiene is paramount when working with food. That is why the BV 261 HTP-W has a built-in HTP pasteurisation system. This ensures that hygiene stays top-notch and that no unnecessary waste takes place. 

The pasteurisation process involves heating the soft serve mixture to 65 degrees and then maintaining that temperature for half an hour. The mixture is then rapidly cooled down to the storage temperature of four degrees. This process effectively helps to minimise the formation of bacteria. 


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