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Oslo series
Item no.: OSC 60S SS

Narrow convenience cooler with a self-service front

Three shelves and glass bottom shelf
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Are you looking for a narrow self-service convenience cooler? Then the OSC 60S SS would be a great choice. Measuring just 60. 6 cm in width, the cooler is ideal for smaller shops or for items such as delicatessen, where only a small selection needs to be displayed.

This self-service counter has an open front, but, of course, also comes with a handy roller blind for saving electricity at night. The back is closed so that the counter can be placed, for example, against a wall or another service counter.


  • electronic control
  • three glass shelves
  • ventilated cooling
  • LED lighting
  • adjustable levelling feet

Tempt your customers with an open service counter

Would like to effectively boost your revenue via impulse sales and upsales? The trick is to tempt your customers to buy your products, which you can do, for example, with a convenience cooler like the OSC 60S SS.

The counter offers a sleek, stylish design that fits in with any type of shop. It can be used for both food and drinks that need to be presented in an inviting way and that customers can easily help themselves to as a result of your self-service counter.

The self-service counter has three glass shelves and a glass bottom shelf. All shelves are effectively illuminated by LED lighting, highlighting your products on display.

The smallest self-service counter in the range

This self-service counter is the narrowest in our range of OSLO counters. The narrow design makes it ideal for delicatessen or butcher goods, for example, but it can, of course, also be used for all kinds of other products. It all depends on your product range and the layout of your shop.

If you are interested in a larger self-service counter, you can take a look at the OSC 100S SS or the OSC 140S SS. All the models in the OSLO range are highly modular and can be easily cross-combined.

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