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Oslo series
Item no.: OSC 60SN

Narrow, neutral service counter with adjustable shelves

Straight front glass and adjustable levelling feet

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Are you looking for a modern service counter that does not take up too much space? Then the OSC 60SN would be a great choice. This 60. 4 cm wide service counter is perfect for the smaller shop or for goods that come in limited quantities.

The straight front glass gives a good overview of your product range and tilts for easy and convenient cleaning.

About the product

  • straight front
  • three adjustable glass shelves
  • adjustable levelling feet
  • LED lighting on all shelves
  • modular

Tempt your customers so your impulse sales and upsales get boosted

If you would like to boost your impulse sales and upsales – and therefore your revenue – it is important that you present your products in the best possible way.

A sleek, modern service counter like this one helps to present your product range beautifully. The uncomplicated design with black frames ensures that your products look great. The products are displayed on three glass shelves, whose height and angle can be adjusted.

To put extra focus on your products, each shelf is effectively illuminated from above by LED lighting. Then customers cannot help but engage with your products and are more likely to be tempted.

The OSC 60SN is the smallest of its kind

This neutral convenience counter forms part of our OSLO range. It consists of a variety of service counters that are highly modular and almost identical in appearance. The counters are designed to be cross-combinable, allowing you to present different types of products side by side in an organised way.

The OSC 60SN is the narrowest of our neutral OSLO counters with a straight front glass. If you are looking for a larger model, you can take a look at the OSC 100SN or the OSC 140SN.

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