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Oslo series
Item no.: OSC 100SN

Neutral service counter with a large, straight front glass

Adjustable levelling feet and LED-lit glass shelves
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The OSC 100SN combines efficiency with an elegant, timeless design. This service counter has a straight front glass (for a clear view of your products) and clean, black frames. The glass can, naturally, be tilted for easy and convenient cleaning of the counter.

About the product

  • adjustable levelling feet
  • digital thermostat
  • adjustable shelves
  • display area of 0.95 m2
  • straight front glass

A great presentation can boost your revenue

If you would like to boost your revenue, you can do so, for example, via impulse sales and upsales. The key is to tempt your customers to buy your products by displaying them in an inviting way. This is where service counters such as the OSC 100SN come into play.

A service counter ensures that your products are displayed appropriately, making them hard for your customers to say no to – in your favour.

This straight-fronted counter comes with three glass shelves, which are, of course, adjustable. The bottom shelf is also made of glass. All shelves are effectively illuminated by LED lighting, highlighting your products on display.

The OSLO range ensures streamlining

The OSC 100SN forms part of our popular OSLO range. It consists of a wide range of modular service counters with different features. Thanks to their modular design, the counters can be cross-combined to create a streamlined counter line.

Even if you would like to display different types of products, you can do so in counters that are almost identical in appearance. It makes your shop inviting and organised.

In addition to this counter, which is neutral, our range includes the OSC 100S, which cools to between -1 and 5 degrees, and the OSC 100S HOT, which is a heated model.

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