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Item no.: DCF 80

Slick barrel freezer

With wheels and a mechanical thermostat
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This barrel freezer is designed for elegant and practical storage of loose ice. It is possible to purchase an interior for a partition, making it easy to organize the contents of the freezer.

If you are interested in barrel coolers, then the models within our product range with capacities of 40, 65 and 85 litres would be a good option. 


  • includes wheels
  • 77 litres
  • static freezing
  • mechanical thermostat

The wheels make it easy to move your freezer around

With an impulse freezer like this one, it is a good idea to experiment with which location creates the most sales. Fortunately, there are three wheels under the base of the DCF 80, making it easy to move your barrel freezer around. Try different locations and move your freezer around according to the season. 

If your freezer needs to be moved at closing time, this is also easily done. At the same time, the wheels makes it easy to clean underneath your freezer. 

Elegant, uncomplicated design

Presentation is key when it comes to impulse sales. With this barrel freezer, you get an elegant utility item in an uncomplicated, clean design. Its black exterior fits in anywhere, and if you are interested in personalising your freezer, the option to add a decorative film is naturally available to you. Simply contact our sales department to find out more. 

The barrel freezer has a split lid that makes it easy to grab the desired product. 

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