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Item no.: TM 600

Storage freezer of 566 liters

Four convenient baskets for organization
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A storage freezer like this can be used in various types of businesses and restaurants. It provides plenty of freezing space and can be used for storing all kinds of items that need to be kept frozen.

TM 600 features a visual temperature alarm and static freezing.

About the product

  • -22 to -16 degrees
  • Static freezing
  • Analog thermostat
  • Built-in lock
  • 4 baskets.

With four convenient baskets

This storage freezer consists of one large freezer compartment. To make it easier for you to organize the contents of the freezer, it comes with four convenient baskets. They help you keep things in order so you can easily and quickly find what you need.

The storage freezer has a built-in lock in the handle, ensuring that no unwanted guests have access to it.

With built-in light

TM 600 has a smart built-in light, allowing you to orient yourself and easily find what you're looking for. It has a foamed door and digital temperature display.

With its 566 liters, TM 600 offers plenty of freezing space. If you need even more space, you can take a look at TM 700 instead, which has a volume of a whopping 691 liters.

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