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Item no.: BC 261 HTP-W

Water-cooled triple-tap tabletop soft serve ice cream machine

Production capacity: 29 kg or 390 waffles per hour
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With the BC 261 HTP-W you get an efficient tabletop soft serve ice cream machine with a production capacity of up to 29 kg or 390 waffles per hour. It has three taps and allows you to serve two different flavours as well as a mix. The soft serve ice cream machine has a pumping system and is water-cooled.

If you are looking for a tabletop soft serve ice cream machine with a single tap, you could take a look at the BC 151 HTP-W, for example.  You will also find both air-cooled versions and models with an accompanying trolley among our large selection.


  • HTP pasteurisation system
  • 4D Remote Control System
  • pumping system
  • water cooling
  • In.Co.Di.S. control system

The HTP system ensures perfect pasteurisation

This water-cooled soft serve ice cream machine comes with a built-in HTP pasteurisation system, which effectively helps to minimise waste and improve hygiene. 

Pasteurisation is achieved by heating the soft serve mixture and all parts of the machine that come into contact with the ice cream to 65 degrees. This temperature is maintained for half an hour, after which it gets rapidly lowered to a storage temperature of four degrees. 

Pasteurisation helps to extend the ice cream’s shelf life and minimises the risk of bacterial growth. 

Minimise your down-time with the 4D Remote Control System

The BC 261 HTP-W puts the power in your hands – remote access to your soft serve ice cream machine. The machine comes with the ingenious 4D Remote Control System, which allows you to monitor the machine via, for example, a smartphone or tablet, even if you are not in the area. 

If there are problems with your soft serve ice cream machine, technicians can also access it remotely, effectively minimising your downtime. If physical assistance is needed, it can be called in quickly, minimising any loss in profits. 

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